Friday, March 26, 2010

Stillness of Life !

At a medical school, I saw..
A body of a dead man
All around me were blades sharp,
Ready to cut him open bare and study...

Moving with life was he, a day before
Now, still & life-less on the table
Life do we all study;
With his stillness... What an irony !

Life's all about movement
Actions, activities & travel..
are we all fond of, while alive
Movement indeed is thought & emotion

Relate do we all in movement
All levels of relationships..
Be it with one's Self,
Or with another, or with Nature
All based on movements indeed

Does a zone of stillness exist?
While we're alive, not dead :)
Ceasing all movements..
Movements of thought, action & care
Can one relate or emote
From this zone of stillness ?

For this movement of life..
Is the movement of Stillness !
Is that so? .. think for yourselves ! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Only Love's in the Air !

Insensitive are we all
to the vivid love in the air

Just be open & innocent,
For every single moment brings surprises
A surprising love that pervades

A hungry crow calls in the distant
All its friends gather & feast

As the evening Sun sinks down
A triumphant dog runs across with a food packet

A cool breeze gently kisses your forehead
After a hectic day's work

A bed of scented flowers for you to walk on!
Made ready by a shedding tree

People unknown pour their hearts out
As a waiter, a watchman, a driver or a vendor

The list goes endless..
For this all-pervading love,
Cannot be boxed in words mere

Every movement around you
Visible or imperceivable by your senses
Arises from a zone of Life, zone of Love alone !
Just watch carefully & feel it

A kind of stillness, a kind of life, a kind of love
Is all there IS....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Actions ARE from Stillness

Stillness is what we are
All actions through the body..
Be it working, talking or helping
And the mind's actions too..
Be it thinking, worrying or analyzing
All arise from a stillness..
A stillness called, 'Life'

Noises do we identify with
Both the inner & outer noises
Conditionings, goals, gossips..
Fears, worries and so on
Every moment, forget not..
To observe the source..

Is this source 'Silence'?
'Stillness', 'Beauty'?
'Love', 'Innocence', 'Grace'?

Let's observe; O! dear friend
Let's touch base with this Silence,
With this Stillness..
That's 'Life' itself...

Words indeed appear absurd and vague,
To frame this 'aliveness', 'life', 'love'
into a shareable experience
:-) :-) :-)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Strike the Silence within.. (Silence-is what we seek)

Born out of the silent womb
We know nothing but silence
A new-born cries out to get eased
Eased only to get silent..

Every being alive here,
seeks but for 1 thing; ie. silence
Be he aware or un-aware of it
We come from silence; try & stay there always; & retire back to silence.. !

Either at school, or at office
One shouts for freedom;
Once set free, he is silent again

Silent gets his mind,
With no-conflicting thoughts
Just a silent thread of life passing through

Mind-silencers are what we look out for
Be they profession, favorite places,
Tasty food, selected company,
Financial freedom, healthy relationships..
All leading to that Silence within !

Work towards entering 'Your' zone of freedom, persistently
For, silence is what follows you.
You then don't become 'silenced'
You simply become the 'silence'

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Possess none; get possessed by love

In true love, u can’t possess
She knows only, but to flow on

Do u love your beloved?
Do u love your home?
So, do u love your assets?
Possess not them..

Do u love your talents & skills?
Likewise your profession?
Do u love working hard?
Also your salary?
Possess them not…Beware !

Do u love your body?
So do u love your intellect and intelligence?
Do u love your identity u carry?
And all the labels and tags?
And also your knowledge?
Do u love your experiences?
Likewise, all your memories do u love?
Possess them not, at all !

Do u love life?
Do u love being special?
Chosen one are u, do u love that feeling?
Do u love God?
Do u love the Truth?
Surely, try not possessing them all..

For all that you love cannot be possessed
Get possessed by love alone
Let the object be love, & subject too
Lose yourself in love, engulfed by her touch
Become one with Her, the Goddess of Love
For She alone IS and She alone will be

Burdens of the binding strings snap off..
True Self shines forth then

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Make today your last day..

Don't let days roll into nights
Alive with the routine in place
Seek for that which takes the 'I' & 'Mine away..
Yes!; earnestly seek for death while yet in body
Why keep the climax unknown

Maintain physical health till then...
Till when you go through death
Maintain not your frame to stay alive & ignorant;
Ignorant about what actually dies & what does not

Death-bells when ring..
Do we actually welcome it?
I think not, for we are not ready at all..
Lot more to-do lists piled up

With the hour-glass in hand
Consciously go behind having it boldly
For this alone frees man
Frees him from ALL fears & expectations
Making him realize that immortality within him

Death appears like being squashed in pain
As though not letting someone snatch that which is yours
It is but justified to feel dear and near..
to our mortal frames, names & its shadows

When it actually arrives
Get not squeezed out at the end
Strongly intend n work towards easing out at will

Go through it; See for yourself
Why get perplexed as 'what it could be like?!'
Why imagine the truth?
Why worship the enlightened & stagnate?
Let's be in par with them all
& not stay afar with awe & respect
In common, all but have died while alive..

Miss not a chance when death-fear erupts or is triggered
Allow it, welcome it, watch it, go through it..
with all your love, curiosity & enthusiasm

Let's face the certain now & here
& not wander about assuming it as uncertain
Fear not, hate not, imagine not
Simply welcome it, go till the end of this dark tunnel..
Only to fly out free and care-free !

As though just un-caged :)
For only an un-caged one knows the pain of the caged
Choice is yours..
Just Go for it!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Real-ize your Real eyes !

This visual display around
A treat indeed for our eyes..
Blink quick do we, with greed
To catch more & more of this display

Eyes kept wide open while awake
Engulfing & enjoying virtually
As the day ends, eyes get tired
Close in, reluctantly to sleep
While asleep, too do we see
This same virtual treat, as dreams !

Day & night, eyes see indeed
Only but through the MIND
Constantly coveting, judging & possessing..
all that is seen !
Surpassing sensitivity, gratitude & fascination
for the life seen around

Real-ize your real-eyes lie deep
Deep inside your dear HEART
Try looking once through your real eyes
For it sees the same world differently
What is seen is not just seen, it is Felt..

These eyes know not Noise
But knows honesty, innocence & simplicity
Leading to sensitivity & awe..

Life & death are felt deeper
For these eyes know they never shall die
These real-eyes know only but Love
And love knows no fear & foe
Possessing nothing seen along
It just sees, touches, loves & moves on

Monday, September 14, 2009

The lovely cosmic play..

It existed, all Alone by itself
Filling Its Formless essence
A pure Being-ness was all It was
Struck upon a decision, sudden...

To enjoy Its essence in forms !

Mountains rose, rivers flowed
Creepers flowered, birds flew
Stood the animals, talked the humans

The play ground now all set;
It played & still plays on :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

O! Atman, a request to you!

O! Atma, O! consciousness..
listen to this jiva's plea

Why do you sport UN-aware ?
in a few waves of your ocean
and make your-self aware in a few others only

This disparity of Yours..
makes one live on convinced,
that He is This Eternal Immortal Consciousness!
While making the other dead while alive,
with him convinced that He is a mortal
Only leading to struggle inside & outside his frame

By You sporting un-aware in a few,
Only wastes Your time & his life here..
Grace them all with the awareness,
Of their True nature !

This is my sincere plea..
For it'll only do good to them,
and to the others around,
and to Your-self, as being the Creator

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Open out to your Heart !!

Some loving Being seated inside
Deep inside the caves of heart..
yet available every moment
Like a reliable friend, a beloved,
a mother, a teacher, a silent watcher

Listen to your heart
It's the heart that started working first
Then the brain and the others

Your heart has always something to say
Sit with it, open out to it!
For It alone knows..!

Live from your heart,
Live with your heart,
Live as if you are just the heart :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

All are helped, no doubt..

Live on do we awaiting a new day daily
A new, fresh day is visualized all along

Steps do we climb higher
Deeper we delve every moment
Into our own Selves..

Helped are we always, in every little way
Existence; Her beauty lies in helping ALL

Indeed is a fool who feels he alone's blessed
Gets covered with masks of ego
Leading only to fanaticism & feelings of superiority

Anything one does, helps to get higher/deeper
Closer to one's own Self
Know from your heart that you are helped
All else are helped too

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What is that?

I know not what I'm asking for
I know not what I'm seeking
Your vision..? Your grace..?
Smooth life..? Peaceful death..?

But breaths keep visiting me
Keeping this body up & alive
Do I live on with a hope,
or the Divine lives in me with a hope?
..A hope that I soon realize 'I am that'

I touch objects, the ground, people
Yet am untouched

I know now, 'I am that'
I breathe on to live that truth
The drop knows of the ocean
But the ocean in this drop is seldom reminded of !

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Invisible care.. always !!

विज्ञानावसितम् सर्वम् पश्यत्यान्तरचक्शुषा
करामलकवद्विश्वम् भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभु:

You be a non-contemplator
Be you an arrogant scientist
Have many degrees on your plate
Be a humble office-boy

Be you an intense seeker of the Truth
Be a heartless or gentle being
Be you a pundit in Vedas
Or know not to read a word

Be you a lazy zamindar
Be you a toiling farmer
All live on and ARE taken care...
By the Lord, the creator; the omniscient one

Takes care through His third eye
The invisible eye always alert & caring

A glaring difference surfaces evident

Being aware of this invisible care,
This persistent watchful eye
Is all that matters while alive.

Be aware, or unaware; yet..
You are taken care

Seek not the care, crave not for more
Seek only but Him,
The bearer of the 3rd eye
The alert motherly embracer of all !

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Listen, O! proud seeker

The Master recognizes your urge

Being gets relaxed

By & by, ego gets thrilled

That you are a recognized seeker

People feel high about this

Try all routes to nurture..

this recognition & pride

and hold on tighter the form

Cozy with the attention got

This pride gets no far

Drop at once this foolish identity

Go behind the questions

you had from birth

Answers come from everywhere

Your urge becomes the cosmic urge

Every tiny creature comes to your rescue

Every enlightened Being in body or without

Nurtures you closely

Until this drop knows of the ocean

Until this drop learns it IS the ocean !

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Album of virtual images ?!

Born with nothing; go back with nothing
At some point, an album we grab
We behold it close to our hearts
Only to fill the empty pages soon

With eyes open, or closed,
All we see are but virtual images
People we see, objects we experience
Places we visit, actions we do
Vivid & real though they appear
All but are virtual moving images

Waste not time in protecting hard
these virtual images of the past
By & by, past enjoyed in future;
becomes our life-style; Beware!

All we are striving hard is..
To hold tight the loving breeze
To grab the free flowing river
To capture this virtual world..
Alas, virtuality trying to covet virtuality :-D

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Experiences of a non-experiencer !? :-)

Photographs & videographs piling up
With a dry hope to cherish later
& to make others around cherish

Toil not for experiences
For, any experience is of the experiencer
This expriencer is very much in Maya

Get not stung my her (Maya)
Beautiful she appears,
Alas! her poison-sting deludes you
You realize only but very late

Wake up, my friend; it's time
You are no experiencer
Experiences are only for experiencers
Merge these 2 into one & beyond

Remember, you are alone
Alone & universal
Remind always about your Self within
That pure Self is who you are
Which is conscious, all-pervasive & quiet!

Cry out for Clarity..

Now, one sheath at hand
With life breathed into
You can move, eat & sleep
And think too why all this is created

Bother not about coming back
Now, act & yearn for clarity
Cry out for unravelling the hidden
The mystery of you being alive

Days, weeks.. years pass on
Creator keeps mum until sought for :)
Wake Him, persuade Him, leave Him not
Till He responds

The seer who has no seer behind
Restful as ever
Shows up when frustrated
in some unsaid deep Silence !

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All on an unknown errand…

All are but on an errand…
one evening, I was on my terrace,
I saw a pair of pigeons flying
crows calling out saying something to each other

some watchful kites took off from branches above,
as though getting late to get back home
the street lamp lit up as the sun set
the flowers on a creeper nearby closed in

A stream of ants hurriedly nosing in a hole
Clouds above floating on a path they know not
A man with his wife zooming down
as though their hungry kids were waiting

All around me, seemed to be on an errand, unexplainable
I too seemed to be left with an errand,
only but to lay fascinated..
about this endless, beginningless errand of God..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Greatest Feeling..ever

I know from my deepest..
Something watches on, the Cosmic eye?!
Keen & steady, it watches all there is

To realize this, is the greatest feeling ever
That this invisible eye is watching us all

Should I say, it is a silent guide?
An unknown warm smile all around me?
or a persistent formless presence in all forms I see or touch?

My Being knows it all..
relaxed as ever, silence is her language
Nurturing all wherever they are

Being aware of this watchful eye..
is all there is in life to know
A deep gratitude, celebration is all that remains from my end !!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cries to help let-go

Many hearts cry through eternity
Songs & poems created flow out
A single plea are all based on
A sincere plea to help let-go

Holding back is natural
Strings of attachment get cozy
Unaware do we get of the strings
The strings that curb our flight inwards

Attached are we to our mortal frame,
our kith & kin, our wealth, our ideas
Attached are we to our chiseled identities,
our talents, our interests, our works..

A deep fear instilled in all mortals
That nothing can be held-back eternally
We live overlooking this fear..
Postponing with a hope not to face it

A zone of no holding-back, so serene
Tremble do we to enter that space
A space of no-conflict..
A space of universal identity
A space of free flight
A space with no holding-back

It's Her law indeed;
to create a space of holding back
It's She who awaits on, hopefully
If any of her children let-go fully
Or in the least get aware to let-go

Bhakti, an emotion useful only then..
A sincere plea from deepest of hearts
To that Life-force to aid us let-go
A desperate call from within to help not hold-back
Indeed helping us taste our true nature
Our true nature of immortality !!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Build your stairs before the flood!

Last breath do all see in certain
None can escape death,
Be it a vivid flower
or a winged beauty in the sky

Perceive a difference, O! human..
Frequency of life at its best in us
So is our frequency of death
The plane from which we breathe our last
Is all that matters at the end

Plane of death is most crucial
Masters, disciples and all face death..
But, be sure the plane's not the same

When the floods approach,
Use the stairs to reach your terrace
The stairs built while alive
That alone paves way to get on top

Each step built by maturity,
contemplation & understanding
Strive hard to construct your stairs
Wasting no moment in vain
For the floods may just be around the corner

Monday, October 27, 2008

Life-given & taken .... Strange game indeed!

Life, I see all around
One day, snatched away from us
Why at all is it given

Giver of life, ofcourse not a fool
To give it to us, to take it away
Life breathed in us all
Rests back with a 'hope'
A hope that a few may taste it

To taste life has He given to us
None to blame if one tastes not while alive
As rules pervade, He takes it one day
But leaves us not from tasting

Plans to pack us in bodies different
With the same hope, indeed
Persistent gets He with His game
Before death-bells ring
Let's fulfill His one small hope & leave

Monday, October 20, 2008

संस्कृत श्लोकाः

1. तत्त्वभरितवाक्यैर्मे जायन्ति सर्वसंशायान् /
आराधितुं गुरुम् एषो धन्यं मे जीवनस्सदा //

Meaning: By your words filled with depth and substance, all my doubts vanish. To worship such a Guru, this life-time of mine is blessed.

2. सह धावेम अस्माभिः धावनस्पर्धजीवने /
असूययोपमानेन जन्मं नोचेत् अनक्श्यत् //

Meaning: We have to run the running race of life with none but ourselves. If not, our life will be ruined by comparison and jealousy.

Eyes that have seen....

The Divine calls on to show
To show none but Herself

Alas, blinded get we to Her call
lives pass on, we rise and fall

Very few wait on & strive
For a glimpse of their heart's Lord
A glimpse that relieves their longing eyes
Only to rest with a fulfilled spirit

Great souls, supreme swans have seen it all
A sparkle in their eyes proves it all
Deep will be their vision there on
For divine they see in one and all

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mother grateful to Her child

Sweet are Her words, yet sharp
Straightly penetrate into our skin
Awakening all cells blinded in misconception

For very long, have we tried to build on
Nothing but our identities strong
Mother arrives in, attempting to knock it down

Her charm n glory displayed fervent
In paving ways for destroying our egos
One such way's slipping into Her Sangha
Persistent needs the ego to flee
Else, no where do we get to,
except nurturing our head-weight

Mother and child, both responsible
For bringing joy mutually in each others hearts
Simpler a process ceases to exist

Ah! perceive the ecstatic smile of Her
Our ego when offered to Her feet;
Only for Her to slay it and dance on

Eternally grateful gets She
Towards Her child for this act
Nothing more expects does She
Only but to find us in action and in inaction....
with not a slight tinge of ego

What more joy lies in us children
Other than keeping our Mother in ecstasy
Let's consciously move in life, bearing no identity
Every situation She creates with a sole motive
To dance in gratitude on unmasking us
From our vivid masks of false identities

A strange picture I see

The more the days that come by
The more does it get mysterious
Each day unpacks in creativity around me
Making me stay in wonder perpetually

She hides herself in the withering leaves
In the waning moon, in the soft breeze
My cells does she hide in, in my emotions too
Peeping out from everywhere,
Only making Her presence evident

A picture that is as puzzling as ever
Am very much in the frame
My heart does yearn, once at least...
To step out of the frame for the real view

My hand when stretched out for help
A hand does come by and take me to the skies
For a glimpse of the whole in one go
Indeed, grateful am I to this guiding light
None other than my Master,
Alive today in skin and blood

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Comparison - The Green-eyed Monster

Every child born unique
Filled with potentials and talents
To express them is prime
Fulfillment to be touched
Being the only purpose of taking birth

On landing, blinded get we
By a green-eyed monster
His name being 'Comparison & Jealousy'
Fills the inner chambers of us
Strangling us to live else's desires

This needle of comparison may poke us
Deflated we fall and scramble
Let's forget not to soar high
As happy as a vivid bright balloon
Flying free, up in the blues

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Plea to taste the permanent

Bhakti, an emotion strewn across the planet
Its concept remotely perceived
The existence of devotion taken casually
Just greed and fear fueling it, alas

Having pondered over this
Lands me to an answer...

Impermanence of the worlds seen, outer and inner
Deep has its roots in our cells
Making the plea to that Intelligence
To lead our spirits to the permanent

Seeking for the understanding
Paves a platform for bhakti to flower
Devotion ripened with right knowledge
IS the one and only key to get there

May this urge get urgent
May this plea reach restlessness
May that Intelligence help us to taste the permanent
May all mortals taste their immortality!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Breathe Her before your last

Sun rises and so does the moon
We breathe in and out persistent

Casually gulping millions of air packets
Pushing time and life forward

Purpose of life misconstrued
Last breath when approached,
Scramble do we in vain for more

She very much lies in each inbreath, outbreaths too
Making us up on our toes is she ofcourse

A longing to breathe Her is prime
For if not, repentance are we left with

Intensity has it all, to taste Her spirit
Breathe Her before your last!
It's simple, She's right here....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What for is all this?

Questioned ever have you,
the well harmonized cells
Persistently in action
Any anticipations have they??

What joy does a stomach get?
What reward do the WBC's get?
Why should the bone strengthen?
What do the alert nerves get in return?

Such dedication in their work
Such precision, such perseverance
So many intelligent molecules on the move
All packed in skin, flesh and bones

Yes, you hit the nail on the head....
Vested interests have they, evident
Posing constantly as reminders
Of our existing alive in skin

Ponder over, and over again
Until the purpose of our existence get clear
The very questioning leads you to the Ultimate, friend!